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Good Cake isn't Cheep - Cheep Cake isn't Good

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Master Bakery was founded in 2000 to offer Angelenos, and visitors from all over the world, great-testing European breads. Our simple and warm bake shop offers a vast array of delicious breads and pastries that will impress you – from rye bread, croissants, pies, and cakes-all baked daily, fresh each day, fresh the whole day! We are dedicated to provide consistently excellent and professionally-mad food that is way we have a clean and efficient bakery and we only use high quality ingredients form trusted local suppliers. At Master bakery we strive to create real guilt-free and delicious desserts that will put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more. We pride ourselves in our quality products and customer satisfaction, and guarantee you will come back for more! We are one of the few bakeries in Massachusetts to offer an extensive line of delicious giuten-free products that have the same flavour and texture as their counterparts. We are focused on providing top of the line, gourmet quality baked goods that won’t break the bank